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Greek government puts turtles, tourism and Zakynthos at risk August 19, 2014

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Originally posted on Coastal & MarinE-News:

Athens, 18 July 2014 – The recent decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (EU) to condemn Greece for the operation of a landfill within the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, did not come as a surprise.  Rather, it was the sad result of unprecedented negligence for one of the most important ecological sites and tourist destinations in Greece.
The Court decision notes that Greece neglected to take measures to seal the overfull landfill site which is not functioning properly.  On the contrary, responsible authorities allowed the landfill to continue operating without ensuring that it complied with European environmental legislation.  For several years the landfill operated without the necessary permits and environmental conditions.  In 2011 the authorities committed to restoring the site and preventing a landfill collapse, but instead the landfill operation license was renewed until 2015 in complete disregard of European regulations that apply to “Natura 2000”…

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Oceana celebrates the creation of three protected fishing areas in the Balearic Islands August 19, 2014

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Source: Oceana

Last 11th August, Official State Gazette (BOE) announces the protection from trawling of the coralligenous and rhodolith seabeds of the summits of Ausias March and Emile Baudot, two seamounts in the channel of Mallorca, and the Fort d’en Moreu, a coralligenous reef to the east of Cabrera.

Oceana, which has been demanding this measure since 2006, congratulates the General Secretariat of Fisheries and encourages the government to continue with the protection of other similar seabeds which should also be closed to trawling and other aggressive methods.

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Consultants vacancies for Plan Bleu and UNEP/MAP August 19, 2014

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Plan Bleu and UNEP/MAP seek for a senior technical advisor (senior sustainable development expert) and six thematic experts to assist UNEP/MAP Secretariat and Plan Bleu in supporting the Thematic Working Groups. Deadline is extended until 22 August 2014.

You can find the Terms of References at:


Support EUCC when booking your hotel at no extra cost August 19, 2014

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Originally posted on Coastal & MarinE-News:

Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) is now represented on BookDifferent, a hotel booking website. This is a non-profit foundation that donates part of its earnings to charity.

By booking at this website, you are supporting Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) at no extra cost.

Please check and book at http://kustenzee.bookdifferent.com/en/

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Scientific advice and other services for the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy in the Mediterranean July 28, 2014

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Originally posted on Coastal & MarinE-News:

Source: DG MARE

Study published 09/07/2014
MARE/2009/05-Lot I

Specific contract No 1pdf - 52 KB [52 KB] –  Horizontal Specific Contract implementing the Framework Service Contract for Scientific Advice and other services for the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy in the Mediterranean

Specific Contract N° 2pdf - 105 KB [105 KB] – “Compilation and mapping of environmental and fisheries related information by GIS (MEDISEH)”

Specific contract No 3pdf - 61 KB [61 KB] – “Estimation of the maximum net length of trammel nets, gillnets and combined bottom set nets by using the volume of the mass of the net” (Archimedes)

Specific contract No 4pdf - 71 KB [71 KB] – “Development of an integrated bio-economic modelling tool to develop and support multi-objective approaches for fisheries management. Identification of the main species and fleet segments/metier covering an adequate proportion of total catches/landings and total revenues of the main metier involved in multispecies multiple gears demersal fisheries in different Mediterranean sub-regions”. (Bemtool)


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Calls for consultants by UNEP/MAP July 25, 2014

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UNEP/MAP has re-opened two Calls for Consultants on UNEP/MAP Website:

Terms of Reference for a to prepare the technical economic assessment study of Lube Oil management

Terms of References for Consultant for training workshops for more effective compliance/inspection implementation and enforcement of environmental legislation/law in the Mediterranean

Please note that the new deadline for receipt of  applications is: 8 August 2014.

Review of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development July 25, 2014

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Plan Bleu is pleased to share the First Stakeholder News Brief related to the Review of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD Review). In this inaugural issue, the news brief focuses on the work done since the MSSD Review has been decided at the 18th Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention (COP 18, Istanbul, December 2013):

  • launch of the MSSD Review by the Maltese Minister for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change (February 2014);
  • wide stakeholder consultation on the basis of a consultation document (April-May 2014);
  • Steering Committee meeting of the Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development (MSCD SC meeting, 11-12 June 2014, kindly hosted by Malta who currently chairs the SC).

The Stakeholder News Brief 1 highlights recommendations agreed by the MCSD SC about issues, vision, and structure of the revised strategy, based on the results of the Stakeholder Consultation Phase 1. With the agreement on a provisional vision and structure, Phase 2 of the MSSD Review has commenced. Based on this provisional structure, multi-stakeholder thematic working groups (TWGs), whose responsibility will be the drafting of the specific axes of the reviewed strategy, will be convened: organisations interested in participating in the TWGs are kindly requested to contact Plan Bleu. A first draft of the revised strategy is expected by December 2014. Beginning in 2015, Phase 3 of the MSSD Review process will constitute a wide stakeholder consultation on the first draft of the MSSD 2.0, culminating in the approval of the revised Strategy by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention at their 2015 meeting.

The MSSD Review is led by the MCSD with the assistance of the Secretariat to the Barcelona Convention. The technical work supporting the MSSD Review is being carried out by UNEP/MAP through its Plan Bleu Regional Activity Centre (PB/RAC), with the contribution of the other RACs.

2a Setmana Europea de la Custòdia del Territori July 24, 2014

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Del 26 de setembre al 5 d’octubre del 2014

Custòdia el territori, tingue’n cura, mima’l, cuida’l, protegeix-lo, conserva’l… Durant 10 dies sigues còmplice i viu la terra!

Formes part d’una entitat ambiental, un ajuntament, una entitat excursionista, una empresa amb vincles en el territori, un centre de recerca, una escola, un esplai? Estimes la natura i el teu territori?

Pren nota: del 26 de setembre al 5 d’octubre de 2014, celebrem la 2a setmana Europea de la Custòdia del Territori, i 6a Setmana als Països Catalans. I TU POTS CONTRIBUIR A QUE SIGUI UN ÈXIT!

Reserva’t les dates i organitza una activitat per custodiar el teu territori més proper! Si vols idees sobre el tipus d’activitats que pots organitzar visita el nostre banc d’idees.

10th Training Programme on Regional Ocean Governance for the Mediterranean, Black, Baltic and Caspian Seas July 21, 2014

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The “Training Programme on Regional Ocean Governance for the Mediterranean, Black, Baltic and Caspian Seas” builds upon the more than 30 years experience of the International Ocean Institute in conducting training and capacity building programmes on ocean governance. The theme of the course draws upon the conduct of maritime affairs at the regional level in a holistic and integrated approach, following the principles enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, targeting the Millennium Development Goals, and the follow-up to RIO+20. It focuses on linkages between natural, social and economic sciences, the research-management interface and the support of technology to enable the effective achievement of ocean management and sustainable development.

The course also considers the implications of regional policies including the EU Integrated Maritime Policy for the European regional seas, with a science-based and holistic approach to policy undertakings and implementation, and brings to the forefront the characteristics of seas as different and sensitive as the Mediterranean, Black, Baltic and Caspian in ocean governance issues.

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Book: 100 Days of Blue July 18, 2014

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At 6:51 am EDT on June 21st, 2014, the first day of summer, we launched 100 Days of Blue: The Blue Mind Book Tour.

During these 100 days Blue Mind Ambassadors will commit to safely spending time near, in, on, or under their favorite water (any water) each day for 100 days, sharing their experiences with those around them, and spreading the Blue Mind message.

Our goal is to change the way people feel, think, talk, and ACT about water, emphasizing a deeper understanding of the vast but underappreciated emotional and cognitve benefits of healthy waterways and oceans.

The research and experiences behind this way of thinking fill the pages of Blue MInd.

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