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Public consultation in the framework of the Strategic Environmental Assessment April 16, 2014

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As part of the Programme’ drafting, a Strategic Environmental Assessment has been realized which proposes a report on its potential significant effects on the environment at the scale of the Programme’ area. This assessment approach is regulatory. It enables environmental considerations to be integrated in the preparation and adoption of such operational programmes. The draft environmental report and its non-technical summary, as well as the draft Operational Programme are submitted to the present survey.

The general public of the countries eligible to the programme area is invited to this survey.

Your answers to this questionnaire will contribute to improve the shape of the future programme and ensure its sound implementation regarding its potential environmental effect.  We appreciate your contribution.

MedPAN – 2014 Call for Small Projects April 15, 2014

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MedPAN is launching on April 14th a new Call for Small Projects (CSP) to support the actions led in Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in the Mediterranean.

The aim of this Call for small projects is to:
- Reinforce the management of the MPAs from an Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and sustainable financing perspectives,
- Support sustainable management and development of economic activities, especially tourism and fishing.

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Invitation to participate in public consultation on seabed mining April 7, 2014

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Originally posted on Coastal & MarinE-News:

Today commercial scale seabed mining operations are limited to shallow water.
  • Most of this concerns the extraction of aggregates – sand and gravel – for the construction industry and for nourishing beaches.
  • Other material extracted from shallow water down to about 500 metres depth includes tin, phosphates, iron ore and diamonds.
The technologies involved include dredging, vacuum pumps and Remotely Operated Vehicles.
Deep seabed mining has been arousing interest since the 1960s but no commercial mining activity has yet begun. However, in the last decade interest has increased.

The European Commission has therefore launched this consultation that considers both shallow and deep seabed mining

We thereore invite you to contribute to the survey ‘seabed_mining’ which will be available at this url:


More information is available here

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Mounting Debt in a World in Overshoot: An Analysis of the Link between the Mediterranean Region’s Economic and Ecological Crises April 4, 2014

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Source: mdpi.com

During the period of 1961–2008, demand for renewable resources and ecological services (as measured through the Ecological Footprint methodology) in the Mediterranean region grew by 52% (from 2.06 to 3.12 global hectares per capita), while availability of such resources and services (or biocapacity (BC)) decreased by 16% (from 1.49 to 1.26 global hectares per capita). As all economic activities ultimately depend on ecological assets—such as productive land and marine areas, and the services and resources they produce—this paper presents a reflection on the economic implications of such resource and service overconsumption in the Mediterranean region. Our conclusion is that, in a world characterized by the existence of biophysical limits, risks may exist for Mediterranean economies due to the concurrence of: (1) resource scarcity; (2) increasing resource prices; and (3) challenging national economic situations.

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Curso de Experto Universitario en Herramientas SIG en web para la Gestión Integrada de Áreas Costeras, Planificación Espacial Marina y Participación Pública April 2, 2014

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El Curso de Experto y Master Universitario en TECNOLOGIAS SIG E INTERNET  PARA LA ORDENACIÓN MARINA, GESTIÓN INTEGRADA DE COSTAS Y PARTICIPACIÓN PUBLICA surge por iniciativa de la Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (Sede Iberoamericana de la Rábida) en colaboración con la UNESCO-IOC, contando para su desarrollo con profesores de los Departamentos de Geografía de la Universidad de Sevilla (especialistas en tecnologías SIG/Internet y Ordenación Marina) y de la Universidad de Cádiz (especialistas en Gestión Integrada de Costas/participación pública).

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Convocatoria de contratos predoctorales de formación de personal investigador CEIMAR April 2, 2014

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El Campus de Excelencia Internacional del Mar CEI·MAR (http://www.campusdelmar.es/) lanza dos convocatorias de concurso público de contratos predoctorales. La primera convocatoria oferta 4 contratos para la realización de tesis doctorales en cada uno de los Programas de Doctorado de alta especialización en el medio marino que desde laUniversidad de Cádiz se han generado para la Escuela Internacional de Doctorado en Estudios del Mar, EIDEMAR:
a. “Ciencia y Tecnología Marinas”
b. “Recursos Marinos”
c. “Gestión y Conservación del Mar”
d. “Historia y Arqueología Marítimas”

La segunda convocatoria, incentiva la realización de 4 tesis doctorales en varias líneas seleccionadas como prioritarias del Campus de Excelencia.
En total son ocho contratos predoctorales que permitirán avanzar en la investigación de excelencia del Campus a través de la Escuela Internacional de Doctorado en Estudios del Mar,EIDEMAR.

Para poder optar a uno de estos contratos, las solicitudes y documentación acreditativa pertinente se tramitarán a través de la aplicación WIDI (http://widi.uca.es(http://campusdelmar.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=027adcbbc904a75c8bfe84181&id=c66925da4b&e=8cf1d357bb)) hasta el 15 de abril.

Toda la información relacionada con estas convocatorias pueden consultarla en http://www.campusdelmar.es/es/convocatorias (http://campusdelmar.us7.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=027adcbbc904a75c8bfe84181&id=6742c20ce5&e=8cf1d357bb)
Desde la Coordinación de CEIMAR, les solicitamos den máxima difusión a la convocatoria entre sus colaboradores nacionales e internacionales.

At-­‐Sea Destruction of Syrian Chemical Arsenal Threatens the Mediterranean March 31, 2014

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Joint Statement by 62 Scientists and Environmental Organizations Regarding the: “At Sea Destruction Of Syrian Chemical Arsenal Threatens the Mediterranean”


Environment, Climate Change and Security in the Southern Mediterranean March 31, 2014

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This report contributes to the conclusion of three-year project on climate change and security in the OSCE region by providing a literature and scenario review of the potential security implications of climate change in the Southern Mediterranean region, focussing particularly on Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Based on this analysis five strategic reflections for the EEA and OSCE are drawn.

Impact of the atmospheric climate modes on Mediterranean sea level variability March 31, 2014

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Originally posted on Mediterranean Sea climate and environmental change:

The relationships of Mediterranean sea level, its atmospherically driven and thermosteric components with the large scale atmospheric modes over the North Atlantic and Europe are explored and quantified. The modes considered are the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), the East Atlantic pattern (EA), the Scandinavian pattern (SCAN) and the East Atlantic/Western Russian (EA/WR). The influence of each mode changes between winter and summer. During winter the

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Coastal and maritime tourism can lead a European growth and jobs recovery March 18, 2014

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Originally posted on Coastal & MarinE-News:

Source: DG MARE

Speaking in Athens at a high level conference, European Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Maria Damanaki, highlighted the tourism sector’s potential to create growth and new jobs in coastal communities throughout Europe. The Commissioner spoke alongside Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, and the Greek Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni, who all stressed the importance of supporting small and medium sized businesses to create year round jobs in the tourism sector.

Coastal and maritime tourism is one of the key drivers for creating growth and new jobs in Europe, and in particular in coastal areas which often suffer from high unemployment. It is the largest maritime economic activity and the main economic driver in many coastal regions. It employs almost 3.2 million people, generating a total of € 183 billion in gross value added and representing over one third of the maritime economy. As the largest maritime…

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