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How can Economics deliver a CleanSea? February 2, 2016

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Pedro Fernández from EUCC Mediterranean Centre talks about this issue arising from CleanSea research at the project final symposium, in Amsterdam, 3rd December 2015.


More on the CleanSea symposium

Taller CleanSea en Madrid sobre las medidas contra basuras marinas estudiadas en el proyecto – CleanSea workshop in Madrid for marine litter measures investigated in the project January 27, 2016

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apertura(English follows)

El Centro Mediterráneo EUCC, socio del proyecto europeo CleanSea del 7º Programa Marco (www.cleansea-project.eu), organizó en Madrid el 17 de noviembre de 2015 un taller en el que se presentaron resultados del proyecto y se trabajó participativamente en medidas apropiadas para la reducción de basuras marinas. El evento se organizó en colaboración con la División para la Protección del Mar del el Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente.

El informe completo del taller esá disponible en el siguiente enlace.


EUCC Mediterranean Centre (link is external), partner in the European FP7 CleanSea project (www.clenasea-project.eu) organized in 17th November 2015, Madrid, a workshop to present project outcomes and jointly discuss appropriate measures to reduce marine litter, particularly in Spain. It was organized in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

You can download the full workshop report.

Towards converging management approaches for Mediterranean coastal zones January 25, 2016

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Source: MedCities

The Global Water Partnership Program (GWP) has edited a reporte that proposes an Integrative Methodological Framework (IMF) and operational guidelines for coastal, river basin and aquifer management in the Mediterranean.


Mediterranean ‘highway’ planned to protect marine life from oil exploration January 7, 2016

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Source: The Independent

The Spanish government has backed proposals for a safe zone which would run between the Balearic Islands and the Catalan coast.


Spain, Andalusia, Tarifa, Long-finned pilot whales and sperm whales in the Strait of Bibraltar. Rex

Spain, Andalusia, Tarifa, Long-finned pilot whales and sperm whales in the Strait of Gibraltar Rex

Plans to create a “highway” in the western Mediterranean to protect whales and other marine mammals threatened by oil exploration projects have been backed by the Spanish government.

Madrid’s environment ministry will propose the project at the next summit of Mediterranean nations. It will say that the exploration techniques in the area, such as the use of high-intensity air guns that emit sound waves, risk disrupting the habitats of pilot whales, sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins.

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Call for Civil Society organisations: apply for our training programme in Lebanon and Morocco January 4, 2016

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Do you want to play a bigger role in the transition to more sustainable ways of life? Are you a civil society actor looking to develop or reinforce your projects? Looking for the technical assistance you need to turn your ideas into reality? Are you looking to meet other actors working to promote a more sustainable approach to consumption and production?

If so, we invite you to participate to the SwitchMed Civil Society training programme. Our objective is to support social and ecological innovations by Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in the Mediterranean region. 

This is a unique opportunity for you to leverage the strategic know-how of SwitchMed, multiply the impact of your projects and guide them towards success.


In Lebanon, this workshop will take place in Beirut, on February 19th-22nd, during an intensive 4-day workshop, in coordination with our local partner Green Line Association. You can apply before January 24th.

Get more informations about the programme in english and in arabic 

Apply here


In Morocco, this workshop will take place in Casablanca, on January 28th-31st, during an intensive 4-day workshop, in coordination with our local partner Association des enseignants des Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre au Maroc. You can apply before January 8th.

Apply here

We strongly recommend you to do it at the soonest.

Please note that this workshop is free of charge.


In the workshop, you’ll have the chance, for instance, to:

– Develop your ideas for ecological and social innovation.

– Discover the best ways to raise funds.

– Build or improve your communication plans.

– Receive legal guidance.

– Identify solutions for improving the governance of your organization.

– Exchange views with other pioneers in social and ecological innovation in highly participative discussion sessions.

After the training, 2 initiatives will be receiving further technical support.

We already launched a similar workshop in Tunisia. A successful and very interesting experience for all the participants! Discover it here.

Giant floating dam that promises to rid the oceans of plastic gets its first trial on open water: Revolutionary 328ft barrier will be installed in the North Sea next year January 4, 2016

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  • Boyan Slat’s idea on how to rid the seas of the eight millions tons of plastic it holds is being put to the test
  • Technology has already been trialled in Dutch lakes and Japanese waterways but next year’s test will be its first sea
  • It works by using the current to capture floating plastic, allowing aquatic life to safely escape under the buffer
  • If the Ocean Cleanup trials are successful, more trials could be installed around the globe


A revolutionary floating dam (illustrated) that traps plastic bags, bottles and other waste choking the world’s oceans will be tested at sea for the first time next year. The technology has already tested the technology in Dutch lakes

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3379865/Giant-floating-dam-traps-plastic-waste-oceans-tested-year-Trial-328ft-barrier-place-North-Sea.html#ixzz3wGiBsXV7
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Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3379865/Giant-floating-dam-traps-plastic-waste-oceans-tested-year-Trial-328ft-barrier-place-North-Sea.html#ixzz3wGhz7k1P
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Sustainable consumption and production Action Plan for the Mediterranean: SwitchMed presents new tool to promote sustainable tourism in marine protected areas December 16, 2015

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We presented for the first time the tourism chapter of the SCP Action Plan for the Mediterranean during the Annual Workshop of the MedPAN, the network of Marine Protected Area (MPA) managers in the Mediterranean. Over 60 marine and terrestrial protected areas were represented and along with Tour Operators and project leaders, they reflected on the practices and processes to promote sustainable tourism in protected areas. Close to 150 participants from 19 Mediterranean attended the event that took place on 25-26 November in Sardinia (Italy).

The 2-days workshop aimed at sharing experience on the development of sustainable tourism in protected areas and it mainly consisted in the organisation of small working groups to discuss specific themes highlighted by short case studies. A total of 32 working groups exchanged their views in sessions that revolved around the 4 main themes identified for the workshop: involvement of private operators and institutional players, public-private partnerships enhancement, carrying capacity and visitors management, tourism plan establishment and implementation. Several interesting debates focused for example on the adoption of the European charter of sustainable tourism, the early stages of ecotourism in Lebanon, the development of a Destination Management Organisation in Tunisia or carrying capacity on beaches, the establishment of “Park” brands, the ways to control recreational fishing or even the inclusion of literature as a way to attract new and “slow” tourists to Marine Protected Areas.

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UfM to enhance regional cooperation on climate change at COP21 December 9, 2015

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The UfM Secretariat has organised, with the support of the European Union, an event during the COP21 currently taking place in Paris. The aim was to discuss the role of the UfM as a facilitator to put into operation the provisions of the Paris declaration. It will also be an opportunity for France, current COP Presidency, and Morocco, forthcoming COP presidency, to exchange views on the role of the Euro-Mediterranean region in the global process.
Representatives of the European Commission, France, and Morocco were joined by the Team Leader of the EU-funded ClimaSouth project to discuss the need to reinforce regional cooperation on climate change.
The interventions focused on the established cooperation within the Union for the Mediterranean Climate Change Expert Group, namely the agreed work plan and its relevance to the international climate change negotiations. The UfM Secretariat also presented existing and planned initiatives in order to enhance regional cooperation on climate change in the region according to the priorities identified by the UfM Member States in the Athens Declaration in May 2014.
More information

A marine litter symposium with made a difference December 6, 2015

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Over 200 enthusiastic participants were in Amsterdam’s EYE Film Institute on Dec 3 to experience the CleanSea Symposium and Premiere of the CleanSea documentary film – a milestone in the first EU FP7 interdisciplinary research project on Marine Litter, led by Dr. Heather Leslie of IVM.

The CleanSea Marine Litter Symposium & Film Premiere was attended by well over 200 participants from science, policy, industry, civil society and the media in the largest cinema of EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam on December 3, 2015. The interdisciplinary research carried out in the European FP7 CleanSea Project was presented, along with a film produced as part of the project. If you missed it you can still catch it on youtube.

EUCC Mediterranean Centre co-organized with this event and presented some of the work done on economic instruments to tackle marine litter with a presentation by Pedro Fernández.

CleanSea Amsterdam low resolution-6

Heather Leslie


Día Mundial de la Migración de los Peces 2016 November 20, 2015

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En nombre de todo el equipo de World Fish Migration Day, nos gustaría invitarle a que participara en el segundo Día Mundial de la Migración de los Peces, que se celebrará el 21 de mayo de 2016.

En esta segunda celebración esperamos conseguir un gran impacto para la mejora de las políticas y medidas de gestión de los peces migratorios, desde nivel local al global.

Los eventos pueden ser tanto actividades pequeñas como grandes celebraciones, por ejemplo: actividades o charlas educativas en colegios, actividades especiales en museos, piragüismo en el río de su pueblo/ciudad, visitas de colegios a escalas para peces, presas o ríos restaurados (demolición de barreras, eliminación de motas, etc.), salidas de campo (con alumnos y/o familias) para aprender los trabajos que hace la administración, las OGN, las universidades, los institutos de investigación, etc. para recuperar los ríos y sus especies dulceacuícolas, etc.

Para más información, mire invitación adjunta o nuestra página web http://www.worldfishmigrationday.com/

 Si tiene cualquier pregunta o quiere saber más, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros. Esperamos noticias suyas.


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