STAP released two new publications on hypoxia and marine debris

Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel of the Global Environment Facility (STAP-GEF) has released four new publications for the 41st GEF Council. Two of these publications – “Hypoxia and Nutrient Reduction in the Coastal Zone: Advice for Prevention, Remediation and Research” and “Marine Debris as a Global Environmental Problem: Introducing a solutions based framework focused on plastic” inform the GEF Council, its partners and the global environmental community about the growing threats facing our oceans – namely the increasing number of oxygen-depleted zones caused by eutrophication and hitherto unrecognized damage to marine ecosystems from plastic pollution, respectively.  These two documents reflect upon our increasing understanding of consumption and production patterns on land, and their impact on the global health of the oceans – potentially with irreversible consequences for its ecosystems. In addition to looking at the scientific evidence behind these problems, the STAP documents propose a range of innovative ways on how to address these pressing global environmental concerns, particularly by the GEF.

The science and course of actions covered in these documents also apply to the wider scientific community, practitioners in the field, and policy-makers working on the global environment.

Full reports can be downloaded at:


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