The MWO presents its first report on Mediterranean Wetlands

Source: Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory

The MWO’s analysis especially focuses on twenty-five indicators relating to wetlands biodiversity, the ecological services they provide, the pressures they are facing, and the actions taken by society to conserve and to sustainably manage them.

For three years, seventeen indicators have been developed and evaluated. The results of these analyzes  were reported in the first report on Mediterranean wetlands.

The key results of these analyzes are the following : contrasting trends for wetlands biodiversity between the Western and the Eastern Mediterranean regions, very strong and growing pressure on water resources and multiple causes of degradation on wetlands. Politic and governance issues added to the institutional divides between main stakeholders are the main causes of these pressures.

The report also underlines the many services provide by wetlandsto humans, especially the regulatory services such as water purification and flood-risk mitigation. It aims to provide strategic and operational recommendations and prospects for action to decision makers and civil society stakeholders.

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