Coastal & MarinE-News

By Carolina Pérez, EUCC Mediterranean Centre Director

The MSFD requires Member States to develop by 2015 a programme of measures designed to achieve or maintain good environmental status of marine areas by 2020. These measures should be cost-effective and technically feasible, and shall carry out impact assessments, including cost-benefit analyses, prior to their introduction. The DG Environment commissioned study “Economic assessment of policy measures for implementation for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive” (MSFD) carried out by a consortium led by ARCADIS Belgium and including University of Bath and Coastal & Marine Union EUCC has recently been completed to support this process. The objective of this study is to provide building blocks for policy makers when preparing their programme. The team compiled a database of +/- 140 policy measures including not only descriptive information but also, when available, on its effectiveness, its cost-effectiveness, social and economic impacts, factors that could positively…

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