Horizon 2020 wastewater management workshop in the “home of the karst”

Source: H2020

Split, Croatia hosted a Horizon 2020 workshop on “Linking waste water management to ICZM and IWRM with emphasis on karstic coastal areas”. More than 30 professionals from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro gathered in the area known as the “home of the karst” to participate at the four-day sub regional training on 19-22 March 2012.

The workshop was organized within the framework of the ENPI Horizon 2020 CB/MEP project, by the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and in partnership with the Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC) of the United Nations Environment Programme/ Mediterranean Action Plan.

Acknowledging the need for thorough understanding of the very vulnerable to pollution karst environment in the region, the course succeeded to improve this knowledge and the interconnectivity between surface and groundwater in karstic areas. It tapped on the issues of relevant regulatory frameworks, precautionary measures and technical solutions for wastewater treatment in karstic areas. Trainees learned about degrees of vulnerability of karst water resources and their sustainable use and elaborated on the sensitivity of karstic media in terms of spatial/physical planning. The trainees were wastewater managers, decision makers from central and local authorities, university staff and professionals from the private sector.

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  1. Thanks for finally writing about >Horizon 2020 wastewater management workshop in the “home
    of the karst” | We are Mediterranean <Loved it!

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