Enhanced skills on ICZM and climate change of Mediterranean local authorities and civil organizations: outcome from LitusGo project

Pafos, Cyprus

LitusGo aimed at filling this training gap through the development of a well-structured, innovative, interactive, work-linked vocational training programme, directly focused on Mediterranean Local Authorities and NGOs and through them to practitioners, tuned to accommodate Mediterranean particularities and needs especially in touristic coastal areas. The methodology was based on problem solving.

This EC Leonardo funded project, which counted with EUCC participation providing know-how, held the final event last 24/4/2012 in Pafos, Cyprus.

LitusGo Products
The educational package is user-friendly and consists of autonomous, self-contained modules, focusing on  proposing solutions to problems. It has two forms: a paper version and a web-version. The web-version incorporates a simple wiki application within the training documents. The dedicated website is hosting the web-package and includes, apart from information, a forum and an e-alarm-news facility. The methodology that has been implemented is presented in a guide. All the products have been tested and finalised during the project and are available for general use by interested actors. Information leaflets and posters have supported the work throughout. Seminars and 2 Stakeholder workshops were organised and all material translated into English, Greek, Maltese and Turkish.

Learn more at LitusGo website


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