Publication on safety of chemicals’ transport in the Mediterranean

Source: Programme Med

“Tying safely” is the first and brandnew publication of the project LOSAMEDCHEM which aims to improve the logistics and the safety of transports of chemicals in the Mediterranean area.

With this publication, ther partnership intends to offer concrete recommendations on “how the logistics and the safety of the transports of chemicals could be improved in the Mediterranean area”. To achieve this, “Tying safely” compiles identified best practices and results of SWOT analysis providing a thorough examination of the current situation of the chemical industry and chemical logistics in each partner’s region.

Each partner provided SWOT analysis following standardized models. All these information are gathered in the present publication. Each of the presented studies includes a short overview of the partner’s region, of the local chemical industry and of the logistics and transportation infrastructure, accompanied by the most significant traffic data.

In particular, the regional SWOT analysis, including the results of the expert interviews and workshops, provides some details of emerged needs and measures required for future actions and improvements.

The publication is now available online (click here). For further information, please check the website or contact Mr. Filippo Manfredda (


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