Parliamentarians, journalists and NGOs agree to work hand in hand towards the depollution of the Mediterranean

Source: Horizon 2020

More than a 120 Members of Parliament, journalists and NGOs from 22 Mediterranean countries met in Athens, Greece on 22 and 23 October 2012 and pledged to accelerate their efforts towards a depolluted Mediterranean by the year 2020. The two-day workshop was organized within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Capacity Building/ Mediterranean Environment Programme and constituted the first international meeting of Mediterranean MPs after the events of the Arab Spring.

The workshop entitled “How Members of Parliament can better contribute to the effective De-pollution of the Mediterranean” was opened by Prof. Stefan Schennach, Chairman of the Committee on Energy, Environment and Water of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean (PA – UfM) who acknowledged the integrating role of Horizon 2020 in bringing together the multiple projects and initiatives currently underway in the region. Prof. Schennach highlighted the potential role of environmentally friendly policies and technologies in addressing problems of unemployment and low productivity, which are prevalent in the region.

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