EUCC Mediterranean Centre New Year’s resolutions

EUCC Mediterranean Centre team. From left to right: Silvia Pérez, Carolina Pérez, Jordi Serra, Pedro Fernández and Afia Khatun

The  Mediterranean Centre wishes to emphasize in 2013 efforts towards a peaceful, safe, healthy and prosperous Mediterranean region  for both people and nature.

To put our bit we compromise to:

·        Further promote the ratification and implementation of the ICZM Protocol for the Mediterranean as well as to contribute to path the way to an EU ICZM Directive;

·        Work towards new standardised tools for marine litter monitoring; contribute to its control and to the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive in this field;

·        Encourage sustainable tourism initiatives through the Mediterranean through the QualityCoast programme, supporting to those who believe in equilibrium between Planet, People and Profit.

·        Endeavour to guarantee that the outcomes of our projects return into a better environment and society, e.g. accompany the implementation of our Action Plan to reduce polluting air emissions in the Port of Barcelona

·        Stress efforts for the right information to reach the right people so we can all, at all levels, take sounder decisions.

·        Sign the renewed Barcelona “City Commitment to Sustainability” and follow its criteria in our actions and undertakings

Which is going to be your bit?

Season greetings and wonderful 2013


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