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Snethlage, M., B. Delbaere, P. Fernandez, L. García, M. Ferreira and M. Kaandorp (2012) Sectoral Experience with Natura 2000. ECNC Group, Tilburg / Leiden. 138 p.

This report presents the findings of a one-year project seeking to analyse the mutual interactions between the implementation of the Natura 2000 network and the activities of a selection of three sectors in five North-Western European EU Member States. The main question addressed by this study was ‘How can the (economic) activities of key sectors be reconciled with measures towards achieving a favourable conservation status of Natura 2000 sites?’

This project, carried out by the ECNC Group(thus including Coastal&Marine Union and EUCC Mediterranean Centre), therefore aimed to identify the pressures from the sectors on Natura 2000 implementation, the responses from the nature conservation agencies/actors to these pressures, the conflicts that arise from the pressures and responses, and the solutions that have been…

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