Media for the Mediterranean

Leading media players from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East launch roadmap for joint initiatives as a response to historic transitions and cross-cultural tensions in the Mediterranean region.

Source: UfM

Barcelona, 3 March 2013 – A Euro-Mediterranean Media Meeting convened in Barcelona more than 100 representatives of international media bodies, citizen journalists and intercultural experts from 30 countries. Working together during two days, the participating media practitioners and experts debated of new challenges and opportunities for cross-cultural reporting in the context of the historical Arab awakening, the impact of the economic crisis on social values in Europe, and ongoing conflicts in the region. The Meeting also was the opportunity for the presentation of the first comprehensive Euro-Med mapping exercise, including good practices related to ethical cross-cultural reporting.

The Euro-Med Meeting was co-organized by the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean, the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Barcelona-based think-tank European Institute for the Mediterranean (IEMED). Among the media present were Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, Al Shark Al Awssat, El Pais, the BBC, France 24, and Deutsche Welle, in addition to leading media initiatives such as Creative Commons and the Ethical Journalism Network, Panos Institute, Arab media Institute, etc.

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