Summer School on “Restoration of Mediterranean Ecosystems”

Source: SER

13-17 May 2013, Avignon, France

SER summer school 2013 is a 5-day program on the restoration of Mediterranean ecosystems held by the University of Avignon and Aix-Marseille University in France under the auspices of the Society of Ecological Restoration Europe (SER Europe). This course is primarily intended for PhD students who work in restoration ecology and related fields.

The program includes some lectures of specialists to provide theoretical background, and many field trips to train practical research skills and learn about restoration projects on-site, as well as short presentations of research projects by the participants. Thus, the course will provide students with a general overview on restoration ecology as well as detailed information on projects, techniques and skills. It will also give a frame for intensive exchange between participants, researchers and practitioners. We will address topics such as, restoration definitions and concepts, the importance of T-zero studies and of restoration experiments, long-term studies, plant dynamics, resilience and near-natural restoration, the socio-economic and local context issues linked to restoration projects, post-restoration management and the implementation of an habitat mitigation bank.

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