1st EWaS-MED International Conference: Improving Efficiency of Water Systems in a changing natural and financial environment

Thessaloniki, Greece, 11 – 13 April 2013
Water scarcity and climate change are the main causes of water related problems worldwide. Nevertheless, Mediterranean countries are facing strong water shortage problems and long periods of droughts. The EU Water Framework Directive WFD-2000/60/EC sets the background for the development of an integrated and sustainable water management policy. Water utilities must implement appropriate measures ensuring the conservation of water resources of sufficient quality and quantity.
Towards this target, development of methodologies for reducing Non Revenue Water and Water Losses are more than necessary, in urban water distribution networks. However, allocation of appropriate funds for the implementation of such measures is becoming limited, under financial crisis conditions. Water pricing policies, are foreseen by WFD to fully recover water related services costs.
In this context, the 1st EWaS-MED International Conference is on Improving Efficiency of Water Systems in a changing natural and financial environment, especially across the Mediterranean Basin facing severe environmental threats due to the Climate Change and economic crisis conditions. The Conference’s topics deal with the management of the entire water supply chain, starting from the water abstraction at the water resources, up to the customers’ tap and the effluent from a wastewater treatment plant, especially focusing on the water losses occurring throughout the entire process. Thus, particular emphasis will be given to the latest developments, strategies, techniques and applications of international best practices in water loss assessment, management, leakage reduction and control, improvement of customer metering, AMR, telemetry and telecontrol applications.

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