EUCC contributes with its initiatives and projects to find solutions for marine litter at Berlin Conference

Coastal & MarinE-News

By Pedro Fernández, EUCC Mediterranean Centre

Marine litter is a growing concern across European seas and the EU is putting strong emphasis on addressing it, mainly through the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. To this aim, more than 200 stakeholders were convened at International Conference on Prevention and Management of Marine Litter in EuropeanSeas in Berlin, 10-12 April 2013. EUCC highly contributed to the different sessions through different projects and initiatives.

In particular, HealthySeas initiative was presented by Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) director Mike Mannaart, representing the ECNC Group, which was very welcomed since it brings business and NGOs together to remove marine litter. In fact, this initiative aims at collecting fishing nets abandoned in the sea to recycle them and  produce high quality products like e.g. socks.

Furthermore, Joana Mira Veiga from EUCC and representing FP7 MARLISCO project highlighted the importance of public awareness to address marine litter. This…

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