Mediterranean: Meeting of government-designated experts on Marine Litter

Marine Litter News for clean&healthy seas

Source: CP/RAC

The past 17th and 18th of May, the Waste Agency of Catalonia hosted in Barcelona the meeting of Government-designated Experts to review the Regional Plan on Prevention and Management of Marine Litter in the framework of article 15 of the Protocol of Land Based Sources of Pollution (LBS) of the Barcelona Convention for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea.

The participants were:

–    Mr. Redi Baduni (Albania)
–    Ms. Dragana Selmanagic (Bosnia)
–    Mr. Antoniadis (Cyprus)
–    Ms. Manal Eltantawy (Egypt)
–    Mr. Cyril Michel (European Commission)
–    Ms. Laure Dallem and Mr. Francois Galgani (France)
–    Ms. Maria Caparis (Greece)
–    Mr. Rani Amir (Israel)
–    Mr. Luigi Alcaro (Italy)
–    Mr. Bassam Sabbagh (Lebanon)
–    Mr. Franck Lauwers (Malta)
–    Mr. Pavle Djuraskovic (Montenegro)
–    Mr. Khalid Lalami (Morocco)
–    Mr. Mohammed Eila (Palestine)
–    Ms. Andreja Palatinus (Slovenia)
–    Mr. Jesús Gago (Spain)
–    Ms…

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