Mediterranean Strategy for sustainable development follow-up: main indicators – 2013 update

Source: EMWIS

The “indicator” fact-sheets, carried out in the framework of the monitoring of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD), are intended to provide a first answer to the question: “Are the Mediterranean countries progressing towards sustainable development?”.

The factsheets concern the 34 priority indicators selected in MSSD to monitor the progress made by the Mediterranean countries regarding the main objectives defined for the nine priority issues:

  1. Improving integrated water resource and demand management;
  2. Managing energy demand and mitigate the effects of climate change;
  3. Ensuring sustainable mobility through appropriate transport management;
  4. Promoting sustainable tourism;
  5. Promoting sustainable agricultural and rural development;
  6. Promoting sustainable urban development;
  7. Promoting sustainable management of the sea and coastal areas and taking urgent action to put an end to the degradation of coastal zones;
  8. Strengthening solidarity, commitment and financing for a sustainable development at regional, national and local levels;
  9. Strengthening human capital and actors` involvement: research, training, education, awareness-raising and participation


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