“The Mediterranean of projects” web portal launched

Source: EMWIS

The French Inter-ministerial Delegation for the Mediterranean presented on July 9, 2013 its website: www.dimed.gouv.fr. At the time of transitions in the Arab countries with associated political, economic and social changes; the French authorities intend to contribute to the convergence of the two shores of the Mediterranean with the best conditions and shared values​​ thanks to the development of common policies and projects. The Inter-ministerial Delegation for the Mediterranean, “DiMed”, was created in January 2013. Under the authority of the French Prime Minister, DiMed is responsible for coordinating initiatives and for networking the French public authorities that can act in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean of projects requested by the French President is a call for collective and individual strengths from all countries who wish to join. It aims to promote the region as an area of ​​growth, stability and sharing. It can not progress without the mobilization of all stakeholders, in particular governments, local authorities, businesses, associations …This web portal is part of this vision. It is an important base of information on projects in the Mediterranean, as well as on personalities and institutions who contribute to these projects.

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