Coastal Erosion Monitoring – A Network of Regional Observatories

Edited by Luigi E. Cipriani, Regione Toscana and EUCC Italy.

This publication summarizes results from the Italian-French ResMar project. One of the key aims of this book is to underline the importance of monitoring and networks aimed at a proactive and adaptive defence strategy for a resilient coastal zone. It urges all of us to understand and work in line with physical processes in order not to do today anything that could hinder future strategies and solutions.
ResMar “Network for Environmental Protection in Maritime Space” (June 2010 – July 2013) is a Strategic Project, funded by the “Italy-France Maritime” cross-border co-operation Operational Programme. The project has been designed to improve monitoring systems, risk prevention, management of environmental issues and emergencies, and mitigation of pollution in the cross-border space of co-operation between France and Italy. It is composed of seven sub-projects and system actions designed to generate the best cross-border strategies for environmental protection in relation to water and soil.

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