The first assessment of progress in the depollution of the Mediterranean Sea is underway

Source: H2020

A regional report is currently under preparation jointly by the EEA and UNEP/MAP under the Horizon 2020 Initiative, which will assess progress in the depollution of the Mediterranean Sea with a focus on the three Horizon 2020 priority areas (i.e. municipal solid waste; urban waste water; industrial emissions). The 4th meeting of the RMR Sub Group (June 2013) adjusted the report outline to reflect progress in the reporting process.

This first Horizon 2020 assessment is composed of a regional thematic assessment based on the key Horizon 2020 indicators selected and a set of country level assessments (similar to the part C of the European State and Outlook Report 2010) for Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia. Complementary to the thematic assessment, a technical report on the process toward the setting-up of a regular reporting mechanism of Horizon 2020 while implementing the SEIS principles is also in preparation. The report is using the DPSIR (Driver, Pressure, State, Impact, Response) analytical framework to build-up the analysis. A specific guidance document has been prepared by the EEA to support countries with the elaboration of their country-level assessment contribution to the Horizon 2020 regional report. This first indicator based report will, together with other Horizon 2020 technical studies (e.g. of Horizon 2020 investments portfolio, review of UNEP/MAP-MEDPOL National Action Plans) and evaluation of implementation of specific projects (e.g. mid-term evaluation of Horizon 2020 CB/MEP) support a wider mid-term review of the Horizon 2020 Initiative and recommendations for its second phase (2014-2020).


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