20 Facts about Ocean Acidification

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This document presents the highlights of the Frequently Asked Questions about Ocean Acidification (2010, 2012; http://www.whoi.edu/OCB-OA/FAQs), a detailed summary of the state of ocean acidification research and understanding. The FAQs and this fact sheet are intended to aid scientists, science communicators, and science policy advisors asked to comment on details about ocean acidification. In all, 63 scientists from 47 institutions and 12 countries participated in writing the FAQ, which was produced by the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Project (www.us-ocb.org), the United Kingdom Ocean Acidification Programme (www.oceanacidification.org.uk), and the European Project on Ocean Acidification (EPOCA). More information and contacts can be found at
any of these websites or at the Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre’s website (www.iaea.org/ocean-acidification). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report findings on ocean acidification can be viewed at http://www.ipcc.ch.

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