Funding opportunity in Ulcinj, Montenegro: Call for nature-tourism projects

Within Bojanatour project, led by ECNC Group, the call for proposals Promoting sustainable development through responsible tourism and nature conservation pilot actions has been launched.

The overall objective of the call is to show ICZM concrete benefits in a given area, Ulcinj, particularly focusing on pilot actions that bring together nature conservation and responsible tourism. The aim is to financially support concrete sustainable tourism actions, promoting green entrepreneurship.

The call aims to sponsor between 5 and 8 projects addressing the following types of actions:

•    Development/enhancement of nature-based products: e.g. promoting/labelling local sustainable food, handicrafts, hiking routes, eco-friendly diving tours, eco-information boards in ecologically sensitive areas of the delta, herbs/fruits/olive oil branding activities (the proposals must show how these products promote nature conservation, do not harm the environment, support socio-economic development and are economically feasible after project implementation).
•    Reduction of resources consumption and environmentally responsible performance by the tourism sector. For example, water&electricity saving systems, reduction of waste/increased recycling rate, raising costumers’ socio-environmental awareness. These improvements may set the ground for acquiring a quality certification or label. Preparatory work for a quality certification label may be subsidised while the certification fee itself will not be eligible for funding.
•    Education and awareness. Shows (films, theatres, etc.) exhibitions, volunteering days, activities with schools (pupils/youth) regarding coastal ecology, responsible tourism and nature conservation.

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