Coastal & Marine Union celebrates 25th anniversary in French dunes

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With a perfectly organized dunes event EUCC France and around hundred participants including European dune managers and researchers from nine countries, we looked back on 25 years of EUCC (Coastal & Marine), founded in 1989 as the “European Union for Dune conservation and Coastal Management” (EUDC ). During the presentations and during the field visit to the dunes of Merlimont-Berck many stressed the pioneering role that the EUDC / EUCC played, since the first European Dune Congress in Leiden (1987). And there were delicious cakes with candles for 20 years EUCC-France and to celebrate 10 years EUCC Mediterranean Centre. Albert Salman and Pat Doody led the “birthday” and thanked in particular the following congress for special merit: John Houston and Paul Rooney (UK), Jean Favennec, Yvonne and Christine Battiau Clus-Auby (Fr), Jean Louis Herrier (Belgium ), Francisco Taveira Pinto (Portugal) and Rabski Kazimierz (Poland). We are all looking forward to…

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