NGOs demand EU Parliament prevents ‘erosion’ of environmental policy

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25 September 2014 / Europe

A group of ten environmental NGOs have asked the European Parliament to block changes announced by the incoming European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. They say his proposals are “a serious downgrading” of the EU’s environment policies (CW 10 September 2014).

“The European Parliament must react forcefully to prevent an agenda which seems to erase 30 years of EU environment policy without democratic debate,” say the organisations, which are organised in a group called Green10.

They see the shift of the biocides policy from the Commission’s directorate general (DG) for Environment to DG Health and of the cosmetics policy from DG Health to DG Enterprise as “a clear bias towards prioritising business interests over protection of human health and the environment” (CW 10 September 2014).

Green10, with members including the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), Greenpeace and…

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