An environmental alliance for a sustainable and fair Mediterranean

The 3 October 2014, Legambiente has organized in Palermo (Sicily) a meeting with representatives of Associations from France, Morocco, Tunisia, Malta and Spain  with the aim to talk about an environmental alliance for a sustainable and fair Mediterranean. The final object of this alliance is to build a common action between the social actors of the Mediterranean basin, so that it can become a sea full of rights, peace, solidarity and sustainable cultural and economic exchanges; a place where to arise a new concept of international cooperation, based on a more equal exchange of experiences, ideas and responsibility.
During the meeting partners discussed about various issues like renewable energies, climate change and citizens involvement. All the participants to the meeting are convinced that environmentalism, combining the environment safeguard with social, cultural and economic development, is more than others the right perspective from which we can front the dramatic consequences of both climate and economic crises.
The meeting had a very good effect; the associations have established a roadmap to the COP 2015 to be held in Paris 2015. It is one of the first important meetings where the entire world will talk about climate change and next steps binding for countries: the Alliance has to act to emphasise the climate change problems referred to the Mediterranean countries!


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