ADRIPLAN STAKEHOLDER WORKSHOP. A Marine Spatial Planning exercise in the North Adriatic Sea

4th March 2015, Piran/Strunjan, Slovenia
Aim of the Workshop
According to the new Directive
“Establishing a Framework for Maritime
Spatial Planning – MSP”, adopted in July
2015, EU coastal Member States are
requested to implement maritime spatial
plans by 31 March 2021.
The pilot project ADRIPLAN, Adriatic and
Ionian maritime spatial planning, funded
by the European Commission (DG MARE),
aims to deliver a common approach to
cross-border MSP in the Adriatic-Ionian
Region, zooming into two focus areas, one
in the Northern Adriatic and the other in
Southern Adriatic – Northern Ionian.
The workshop has the main objective of
performing a real “planning exercise”, in
which the participants will build a
“possible” maritime spatial plan in the
Northern Adriatic Sea. Stakeholders with
knowledge and expertise in different
maritime sectors will identify the possible
planning options and elaborate a spatial
allocation (zoning) draft in a proposed
area. Taking into consideration the
peculiarities of the area, as well as the
strategic needs and objectives emerged
from the ADRIPLAN Initial Assessment
and the previous stakeholders
consultations, three themes have been
selected for playing a pivotal role in the
planning exercise:
• Energy, including (e.g.) LNG terminals,
Hydrocarbon investigation and
exploitation, power cables and
• Maritime transport, including
maritime transport activities related to
• Ports development, with a focus on
the enhancement of intermodality.
Around each pivotal themes, ALL the other
sectoral themes will be considered, in
order to compose a comprehensive and
coherent plan for ALL marine and
maritime activities, including TOURISM,
which represent an economic priority in all
the Adriatic Ionian Region. Specific issues
will be tackled during the workshop, taking
into account their cross-border relevance,
the local problems, the conflicts between
different uses of other sectors/activities
and the threats to the environment. The
workshop will be structured in an
interactive way with presentations and
discussion rounds.
Further information about the programme
of the workshop will be uploaded in the
web site .


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