Union for the Mediterranean Stakeholders’ Conference: “Towards a Roadmap for Blue Investment and Jobs in the Mediterranean’

Source: DG MARE

Location: Athens, Greece
Date: 27/05/2015

The Mediterranean region can tap further the potential of the blue economy. It can provide jobs and growth through the sustainable development of key strategic maritime sectors in this important sea basin. This can be promoted by increased clustering and networking of education and training organisations, pairing research and innovation capacity, matching supply/demand of skilled people and more access to finance. These are some of the cooperation and coordination challenges that need to be tackled. An Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Blue Economy to be held in autumn 2015 would bring about the political mandate and provide guidance for the further development of blue economy and promotion of blue jobs in the Mediterranean region.

In preparation for the upcoming Ministerial Conference, stakeholders of the Union for the Mediterranean will hold an event “Towards a Roadmap for Blue Investment and Jobs in the Mediterranean’‘ on 27 May 2015 in Athens.  The meeting will provide the opportunity to collect input from all actors in the region, including financial institutions, academia, business associations, civil society and organisations and international agencies about the challenges that need to be addressed and the emerging opportunities for investment and jobs creation in the blue economy of the Mediterranean basin.


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