New EUCC regional office: France hosts the EUCC Atlantic Centre

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We are pleased to announce the formal establishment of EUCC Atlantic Centre (published in the Official Gazette of August 15, 2015, Pyrénées-Atlantiques prefecture) and its first General Assembly which will take place early 2016.

EUCC Atlantic Centre becomes the fourth regional European office of the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC), after EUCC Mediterranean Centre in Barcelona (Spain), EUCC Baltic Sea in Warnemünde (Germany) and EUCC Eastern Europe in Klaipeda (Lithuania).

EUCC Atlantic Center was established at the initiative of EUCC-France and both associations are now based at the Center of the Sea in Biarritz.

The main objective of EUCC Atlantic Centre is to contribute to the work of the entire EUCC network on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICM / ICZM) and taking into account land-sea interactions (LSI) within the European Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP).

The Centre will also support decision making on the European Atlantic coast and will work in closely with Coastal & Marine (EUCC), with the Sea Centre of Biarritz, as well as with local stakeholders and in perfect cohesion with national branches EUCC of the concerned geographical area.

Contact Information

EUCC Atlantic Centre

Centre de la Mer
Plateau Atalaye

Dr. Vincent Bawedin (President:
Dr. Christine Clus-Auby (Co-founder:


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