Sea turtles show the way to mystery foraging area in the Mediterranean

Source: Medasset

A few weeks ago we told you the story of five female green sea turtles released from Alagadi (Alakati) beach in Cyprus to be tracked via satellite by researchers* aiming to identify foraging areas in the Mediterranean so far unknown. “To know is to do” so if we know where the rare green turtles feed we can then help protect these areas.
Since their release on June 30th, we have been following the 5 sea turtles closely, wondering if they would reveal their secret. And they did!

All 5 migrated through the Levantine sea, south of Cyprus, passed the waters of Lebanon, Israel and Gaza, and arrived at (drumsticks)….Bardawil lagoon in N. Sinai in Egypt! If that name sounds familiar it is because MEDASSET and our Egyptian colleagues surveyed Bardawil lagoon in 2012 following reports of numerous dead turtles there.  Our survey indicated that Bardwil may be a feeding, development or overwintering habitat for sea turtles. But back then we could not say for sure how important this area is for the green turtles.

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