Participatory workshop in Venice will bring-in stakeholders’ valuable insights into CleanSea’s final outputs

13th October 2015, Don Orione Artigianelli Cultural Center, Venice

When attempting to address the issue of marine litter, it is essential to consider the particular socio-economic dimension and specificities of a certain

region. High population density and tourism pressure, together with ineffective waste management, are among the main drivers behind marine litter in the Mediterranean.

The FP7 Project CleanSea has been looking at drivers that lead to the generation of marine litter but also those barriers that impair its prevention and mitigation, in the different regional seas. The project is currently evaluating the most adequate and effective potential solutions, through a multi-criteria analysis and covering the whole life-cycle of products. This will form the basis of a roadmap to support decision-making across Europe, with a regional focus. Given the transversal nature of this issue, it is crucial to bring-in the sectorial knowledge and particular insight of different stakeholders, when designing an appropriate set of approaches.

This participatory workshop is promoted by EUCC Mediterranean Centre within the CleanSea project and will include an engaging activity that will help us shape and validate the final outputs of the project. Participants will be invited to reflect jointly on policy options and evaluate implementation aspects of a series of measures to address key types of litter found in the Mediterranean.

The workshop is within the programme of the Wake of Plastics Conference (link is external), organised by the University Ca’Foscari. You can check the preliminary programme here.

Please follow this link to register (link is external) to the conference and workshop.


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