Planning the Sea: MARXAN as a tool for operational Maritime Spatial Planning

International Short Course on Marxan. 11-12-13 January 2016. At CNR-ISMAR headquarters in Venice. In English.

The initiative to organize an International Short Course on Marxan arises from the experiences gathered by CNR-ISMAR within the Flagship Project RITMARE (, and mainly through its subproject 3 – “Maritime Spatial Planning in the Coastal Zone” and the ADRIPLAN project ( Both of these projects, led by CNR-ISMAR, have been characterized by acquiring data and information, tuning methodologies and tools, and developing analysis and proposals within the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) context. MSP is indeed a central theme as highlighted by the recent European Directive 2014/89/EU “A framework for Maritime Spatial Planning” and by the Strategy supporting its implementation, recently activated DG Mare. This Directive aims to establish a framework to promote the sustainable growth of maritime economies, the sustainable development of marine areas and the sustainable use of marine resources. According to the new Directive, Member States are required to develop national maritime spatial plans by 2021. It is in this context that Marxan could become a very useful tool in order to provide different scenarios of Maritime Spatial Planning.


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