Online training course targeting formal & non-formal Marine Litter educators


Introducing the educational material
“Know, Feel, Act! to Stop Marine Litter”

to formal and non formal educators

A 13- days e-course implemented within the framework of
the IPA-Adriatic DeFishGear project & under the auspices of UNEP/MAP

 DATES: TUESDAY 10/05/2016 – SUNDAY 22/05/2016



Why do I need to know about marine litter as an educator?

Marine Litter – any persistent manufactured or processed solid material is found in the seas or on coasts – has globally emerged as a challenging problem: Found in all seas and coasts around the world … lying on shores … floating anywhere from the surface to the bottom of the sea … even in the most isolated, pristine environments, marine litter poses a threat to the environment, human health and safety, as well as livelihoods. It is a complex and challenging problem, which stems from the prevailing production and consumption patterns, and from how we deal with our waste.

What is the e-course about?

This e-course is based on the educational material (or Pack) “Know, feel, act! to Stop Marine Litter”. This is an output of the MARLISCO project (read below) that has been translated and applied in 15 Euro-Mediterranean countries. The material contains a set of 17 educational activities examining the characteristics, sources, effects and possible ways to tackle the problem, addressing it from an environmental, societal, cultural and economic point of view. The material has been designed to primarily serve middle school level, but can be easily adjusted to fit the needs of younger or older students, OR to be used outside the formal schooling system. The Pack is available in English and many other languages here:

The full e-course is equivalent to a 1.5-day face-to-face train-the-trainer seminar.  Its aim is to train on effective ways of teaching about marine litter issues. The course language is English.

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