Addressing Climate Change challenges in the Mediterranean to advance towards a more sustainable region

The declaration of the UfM Ministerial Meeting on Environment and Climate Change, held on 13 May 2014, included climate change for the first time as a priority area of cooperation for the UfM. It underlined the urgency to address climate change due to its close connection with other major regional concerns, such as energy, water scarcity, desertification, food security, overpopulation and resilience to extreme weather events.
In this context, the UfM Climate Change Expert Group has been created to act as a regional platform, showcasing how a complex system of relevant initiatives, programmes and structures may be brought together in order to create synergies while including stakeholders, the private sector and various levels of governance. Its aim is to enhance regional dialogue and catalyse the identification, support and development of specific projects and initiatives, both in mitigation and adaptation.

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