The Mediterranean Basin: together for nature


After five years of conservation in the Mediterranean, CEPF’s latest publication “Together”shows how the region’s diverse cultures are committed to protecting its nature. Discover incredible species, motivating stories, complex threats, conservation successes and innovative ideas, as we share local solutions for nature conservation.

Imagine bee-eaters, cave salamanders, geckos, macaques, dragonflies, and pelicans for a flavour of the faunal diversity the Mediterranean Basin harbours – many found only in the region. Covering more than two million square kilometres, this biodiversity hotspot is also ranked as the third-richest in the world in terms of its plant diversity. Yet rapid economic development, an increasing human population, and 32% of the world’s international tourists are creating unprecedented pressures on its freshwater, marine and terrestrial habitats – compounded by lack of effective planning and management systems.

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