EUCC Partnerships

   EUCC is member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council
  BioMarineBioMarine is a worldwide initiative that helps nurturing innovative solutions to advance ocean sustainability, bringing together business, science, government, civil society and the
  EUCC is member of IUCN
World’s largest and most important conservation network
  EUCC is member of EECONET Action Fund
A foundation for land purchase in Central andEastern Europe
  EUCC is member of European Habitats Forum (EHF)
A group of NGO networks that provide input and advice to DG Environment
  The EUCC supports the Blue Flag Programme
  EUCC is one of the main organisers of the Week of the Sea
  EUCC is member of ECOTRANS
A network of partners for the development of sustainable tourism in Europe

The EUCC supports the TourBench Programme
European Monitor and Benchmarking Initiative for the reduction of
Environmental Impacts and Costs in Tourist Accommodations
  EUCC Mediterranean Centre is member of The Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE), is a non-profit Federation of Mediterranean Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) for Environment and Sustainable Development. MIO-ECSDE acts as a technical and political platform for the presentation of views and intervention of NGOs in the Mediterranean scene.
 Web EUCC Mediterranean Centre signed the Commitment towards Sustainability of Barcelona City Council – Agenda 21

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