Forum of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean

28 Nov. / 1st Dec 2016

Tangier, Morocco

In the continuity of the 2012 Mediterranean MPA Forum (Antalya, Turkey), MedPAN, RAC/SPA, the Haut Commissariat aux Eaux et Forêts et à la Lutte Contre la Désertification and several partners organise the second edition of the Mediterranean MPA Forum from 28 November to 1st December in Tangier, Morocco. Four hundred participants are expected at this event.

Towards 2020 and beyond
Every 4 years, the Forum of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean triggers a unique process during which all interested parties tackle the challenges MPAs face in the region. The high point of this Forum process is a 4-day event to assess the progress made and what’s left ahead according to the MPA Roadmap developed at the 2012 Forum and now adopted by the Barcelona Convention. What should still be done to conserve by 2020 at least 10% of the Mediterranean Sea through effectively managed MPAs and other area-based conservation measures? How to address MPA issues with a long-term and integrated vision?

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8 de Junio de 2016: La Red de Reservas Marinas celebró el día Mundial de los Océanos con actos del XV Aniversario de La Reserva Marina de la isla de La Palma y un taller infantil sobre reservas marinas en la Feria del Libro de Madrid.

Los escolares participantes en el taller infantil celebrado en la Feria del Libro de Madrid pudieron presenciar una jornada de divulgación sobre reservas marinas con la colaboración de Daniel Piqueras, autor del libro GLUP (Editorial Narval) que dibujó para los asistentes un mural de un paisaje marino:


Fotografía: Banco imágenes de Reservas Marinas (BIRM)

La Secretaría General de Pesca del Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, Administración que gestiona la reserva marina de La Palma, convocó con motivo de la celebración del XV aniversario de la reserva marina de la isla de la Palma, un concurso de dibujo y redacción para los Centros escolares de Fuencaliente de La Palma y el C.E.I.P. de La Laguna (Los Llanos de Aridane).

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Mediterranean ‘highway’ planned to protect marine life from oil exploration

Source: The Independent

The Spanish government has backed proposals for a safe zone which would run between the Balearic Islands and the Catalan coast.

Spain, Andalusia, Tarifa, Long-finned pilot whales and sperm whales in the Strait of Bibraltar. Rex

Spain, Andalusia, Tarifa, Long-finned pilot whales and sperm whales in the Strait of Gibraltar Rex

Plans to create a “highway” in the western Mediterranean to protect whales and other marine mammals threatened by oil exploration projects have been backed by the Spanish government.

Madrid’s environment ministry will propose the project at the next summit of Mediterranean nations. It will say that the exploration techniques in the area, such as the use of high-intensity air guns that emit sound waves, risk disrupting the habitats of pilot whales, sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins.

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Sustainable consumption and production Action Plan for the Mediterranean: SwitchMed presents new tool to promote sustainable tourism in marine protected areas

We presented for the first time the tourism chapter of the SCP Action Plan for the Mediterranean during the Annual Workshop of the MedPAN, the network of Marine Protected Area (MPA) managers in the Mediterranean. Over 60 marine and terrestrial protected areas were represented and along with Tour Operators and project leaders, they reflected on the practices and processes to promote sustainable tourism in protected areas. Close to 150 participants from 19 Mediterranean attended the event that took place on 25-26 November in Sardinia (Italy).

The 2-days workshop aimed at sharing experience on the development of sustainable tourism in protected areas and it mainly consisted in the organisation of small working groups to discuss specific themes highlighted by short case studies. A total of 32 working groups exchanged their views in sessions that revolved around the 4 main themes identified for the workshop: involvement of private operators and institutional players, public-private partnerships enhancement, carrying capacity and visitors management, tourism plan establishment and implementation. Several interesting debates focused for example on the adoption of the European charter of sustainable tourism, the early stages of ecotourism in Lebanon, the development of a Destination Management Organisation in Tunisia or carrying capacity on beaches, the establishment of “Park” brands, the ways to control recreational fishing or even the inclusion of literature as a way to attract new and “slow” tourists to Marine Protected Areas.

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Tackling climate change in MPAs: a MedPAN training workshop

Source: MedPan

MPA managers, members of the MedPAN Network took part in a 4-days training workshop on Climate Change which unfolded in the Cap de Creus Natural Park and Montgrí, Illes Medes and baix ter natural park premises in Catalonia (Spain) from 1 to 4 April 2014.

This workshop was organised by MedPAN and the RAC/SPA, in partnership with the Generalitat of Catalunya and the IUCN Med, and with the support of the French Water Agency ‘’Rhône Méditerranée Corse’, and the MAVA and Total foundations.

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Cierre del proyecto INDEMARES

Casi 5 millones de hectáreas por explorar, diez socios y un presupuesto de 15,4 millones de euros. En 2009 este fue el punto de partida del proyecto LIFE+ INDEMARES, el mayor esfuerzo realizado hasta la fecha para mejorar el conocimiento y la protección de la extraordinaria riqueza marina española.

Tras 5 años de trabajo, el estudio de las 10 zonas incluidas en INDEMARES ha concluido, a fecha de hoy, con la propuesta como LIC de 3,1 millones de hectáreas (a falta de la propuesta de la zona Sur y Oriental de Fuerteventura y Lanzarote) y 4,9 millones de hectáreas como ZEPA. Una vez declaradas, la superficie marina protegida en España por la Red Natura 2000 alcanzará el 8%, acercándonos a la meta del 10% marcada por la Directiva Marco sobre Estrategia Marina de la UE y el Convenio de Biodiversidad para 2020.

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MedPAN – 2014 Call for Small Projects

MedPAN is launching on April 14th a new Call for Small Projects (CSP) to support the actions led in Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in the Mediterranean.

The aim of this Call for small projects is to:
– Reinforce the management of the MPAs from an Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and sustainable financing perspectives,
– Support sustainable management and development of economic activities, especially tourism and fishing.

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