Coastal Towns and Islands can now enter the competition for 2012 QualityCoast Awards and Top 100

Local governments can apply for a QualityCoast Award 2012 until 15 December 2011. The application pack is now available online. The QualityCoast Award programme rewards coastal communities committed to sustainability and appropriate policy performance in the areas of nature, environment, identity and socio–economics. Award winners will be included in the 2012 QualityCoast Top 100 list. They will profit from a variety of benefits in marketing and in learning from other top destinations. The community‟s own international tourism marketing can use and profit from the status of QualityCoast destination: 2012 Award winners will be included in the QualityCoast Top 100, in the annual QualityCoast brochures, website, and promoted at international and national events including the Dutch holiday fair (Vakantiebeurs) and through international travel agencies and tour operators.
The public website promoting QualityCoast destinations is
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